Bingley Window Cleaner

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A Day in the Life of A Bingley Window Cleaner     I clean windows. In a nutshell that’s what I do, and what I have done for nearly 20 years. No day is the same though. The only brief: I work where the windows are. Whether it is summer and I have a long dry day ahead or we’re in the depths of winter with only a few workable hours, windows need to be cleaned, contracts need to be fulfilled. And that is what I love.     Today it is […]


How to Clean “Self Cleaning Glass”

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How to Clean and Maintain “Self Cleaning Glass” By Phil Jones See Clean Window Cleaning Company Maintaining Self Cleaning Glass Glass manufacturers have been producing self cleaning glass for a number of years now, and since it’s availability and popularity is wide-spread, many are installing these windows in order to save money in operating/maintenance budgets in the years to come. Many home owners have purchased this upgrade and installed these self cleaning windows for this very reason. Despite the name they will still need to be cleaned, and maintained. From delivery […]