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A Day in the Life of A Bingley Window Cleaner



I clean windows. In a nutshell that’s what I do, and what I have done for nearly 20 years. No day is the same though. The only brief: I work where the windows are. Whether it is summer and I have a long dry day ahead or we’re in the depths of winter with only a few workable hours, windows need to be cleaned, contracts need to be fulfilled. And that is what I love.



Today it is late spring. The sun is up and so am I. The family run business depends on an orderly and organised start to the day. Today I’m going to be window cleaning; conservatory cleaning; PVC cleaning; and pressure washing. I’m going to be doing this all over this area of West Yorkshire.



Obviously it’s in my interest to work as fast as possible, but you can’t rush a professional job. Every sill, ledge, awkward corner needs my attention. And when you look up and see me seemingly peering intently through your window… I’m not looking at you, I’m admiring my own reflection – if I’ve done a good job I should be able to see myself better than I can see you!



People appreciate clean windows. They appreciate the improved beauty of their world whether they are a client-based office needing to impress or the Hardy family down on Mill Street. So today I’m making the most of the good weather. The van is loaded. Everyone is briefed.



I have six commercial premises this morning with a smattering of domestic properties along the way. We arrive at a job, unload, clean and leave. Ladder and equipment safety is second nature after years on the job. We adjust the technique to the job and as technology improves over time. We work quickly, efficiently, and by the fifth job of the morning I’m grateful that I’m fit and able, enjoying the weather, making up for days in the winter drizzle.



It’s warm work. We stop for a power-packing lunch and to refuel. Then it’s back on the road to this afternoon’s clients. Conservatories seem to be the main order of the next few hours.



Once upon a time cleaning conservatories was tricky from a safety point of view. Now we work with water fed pole equipment enabling us to easily reach most conservatory roofs without stepping on them. There’s no risk to us, and you get to come home from work to enjoy a glass of wine admiring the spring changes to your garden!



Last job of the day sees the team working on a large office in Bingley. Satisfaction here comes in the form of a countdown of achievement and knowing that our clients need to present a professional well-polished finish to the world. We work discretely, quietly, and again efficiently to get on and off site with minimal distraction to those inside. I have to admit though it’s jobs like this one that make me grateful for what I do – out here in the sunshine and being my own boss!



Then its home to restock the van and do the administration. Communication is the key to all successful client relationships and my ability to communicate is what makes this family run local window cleaning business successful. I love that the majority of my work is repeat contracts and new customers through recommendation.  So I end the day on the computer catching up with invoicing, scheduling, supply stocking and of course checking the weather forecast!



I take pride in what I do and the simplicity of checking that my ugly mug is staring back at me. I take pride in knowing I’m doing a good job. Tomorrow is a different day, same high standards. Where in West Yorkshire will you see me: From Halifax to Huddersfield Bingley, Crossflatts, Eldwick, Cottingley, Harden, Wilsden, East Morton, Micklethwaite, Cullingworth or anywhere in between? I am your local window cleaning business and tomorrow I might see you.



And yes, I do dream about the back and forth motion of a squeegee…


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